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Cabeau was created in 2009 after its founder was forced to use an uncomfortable neck pillow on a long international flight. Knowing that there must be...  Read More >
A perfect fit for today’s woman-on-the-go, GoGirl provides the solution to the restroom debacles often faced by travelers and active women in general, allowing...  Read More >
humangear was founded in 2007 with a mission to develop "real gear for real humans."  They spend a lot of time listening to individuals’ feedback, observing how...  Read More >
With a focus on high performance, stylish design, and long-lasting durability, Lewis N. Clark has been meeting the changing needs of travelers and outdoors...  Read More >
In 2000, the founders of MosRepel used their manufacturing expertise to start producing and exporting natural, safe, and convenient mosquito repellent...  Read More >
Miers Laboratories, based in New Zealand, makes all-natural products such as No-Jet-Lag, Trip Ease, and Drink Ease. Based on years of research, they have...  Read More >
Pomchies were invented while trying to devise a way to use the scraps from a swimwear factory. Formed in 2002, Pomchies are now available in over 2000 stores and...  Read More >


The designer of the tugo luggage drink holder wants to give travelers an extra hand. Utilizing the space between luggage handles, the tugo was...  Read More >
The UrbanGear Collection includes multipurpose and durable items that make everyday life easier. Offering pocket-sized convenience, they do everything from...  Read More >
Wrinkle Wiz was created by fabric engineers and a chemist for the sole purpose of making wrinkled clothes wearable...  Read More >